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How to create a Quick Order Pad for Sage 50 or 200

PostTrans can be used for so many uses, but possibly the most exciting is for Sage 50/200 fast order entry.  A quick order pad can be created, and a short-cut placed on users desktop.  The user then simply double clicks on shortcut to start taking a Sage 50 or 200 Sales Order, Quote or Invoice etc.

image Example: Press Help, on the PostTrans toolbar, then select example “Quick Order Pad” which is the example discussed below.  You should also have read the "Importing Transactional Data" on the Training page for a basic understanding of PostTrans basics.

This requires the Pro version of PostTrans

Demo Video

In the following video we attempt to take an order, in Excel, within 30 seconds…

   1/2 Quick Sales Order Pad using PostTrans in 30 seconds
  0:00 Video Introduction
  1:10 Taking an order in 30 seconds
  2:08 Rewind for a slower explanation of process
  4:00 Adding another product to Order Pad
  5:50 Posting the Sales Order into Sage 50
  8:00 How to find more information and Training

In this video we explain easy it is to create the Quick Order for Sage 50 or 200:

   2/2 Sage Line 50 - Quick Sales Order Pad - How to create
  0:00 How the Transaction header works
  1:30 Entering Product in Line
  2:30 Extracting Product List to Order Pad
  4:30 Extracting Product List to Order Pad
  5:45 Posting the Order to Sage 50
  6:25 Printing the Sales Order using Sage 50 document

To use the template, with Sage 50, install PostTrans. Download
Trial with Sage demo company. Purchase a month subscription for Live Sage Company. Price
Watch the On-line Training course on how to use and customise the templates.

To use the template, with Sage 200, install PostTrans. Download
Trial with Sage demo company. Purchase a month subscription for Live Sage Company. Price
Watch the On-line Training course on how to use and customise the templates.


How to create quick order entry template

For example lets start a new sheet.  Simply open a blank Excel spread sheet and press Import button.  PostTrans will then offer you all of the import tags to create a new PostTrans template.  Double click on the PostTrans tag Sage50Trans.  This will create:


Save this sheet.   As we may want to go back to the starting place again.

Now if we press the Extract button, PostTrans will allow us to extract all the products to create the order pad.  But first it will ask us if we want to turn on an option "to “Ignore ZERO qty’s in sheet” answer YES.  After selecting the Sage 50 company, you will then see:


If we double click on “ALL” then all products will be written to the sheet, and by default grouped into sections:


Thus with all of the other features of PostTrans we can build a very sophisticated order pad.

Filter and Group Sage Product Groups

PostTrans allows us to define the Sage Line 50 product groups to extract, and in what order.   Unfortunately we have found a bug in Excel which prevents PostTrans deleting the groupings it has just created. Thus we will revert back to our saved version, we saved earlier.

Now press Extract button again, but we are going to look at the “Filter/Order” tab:


We can now see out additional filtering and sorting options

Updating prices and stock levels of existing list

Simply open you template. Press Extract button, and select “UPDATE”.   Please note again because of the Excel un-grouping bug, you will need to remove grouping first or not use the grouping option.

Multi currency Order Pad

If we are working in multi currency if may be useful to list the standard price in our common currencies.  To do this we add tags TLPriceCur1, TLPriceCur2 and TLPriceCur3, which is Pounds, Dollars and Euros in the demo company.

Now when we extract the products we will see:


Of course we may want to rearrange the layout further and possible drop some of the standard columns.

Now if you start to take an order for a customer in a currency 2 or 3, etc. then PostTrans will lookup the customer prices in the account currency.and fill them in in column E.

If tag THCurrency is added to the sheet header then the user can see to currency of the account after account selection.

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