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Download and Install PostTrans for Sage 200

PostTrans uses the Sage 200 permissions of the logged in user, thus in order to edit customer records, the user would need permission to edit customer records in Sage 200.

Steps to Install PostTrans for Sage 200:

1) Download and Install 

Simply download PostTrans for Sage 200 On Premise or Sage 200 Online Extra (Sage 200 "Standard" not supported)

Run the following install program, logged in as user who is going to use PostTrans, no admin rights are needed.:

Logged in as user who is going to use PostTrans.  No admin rights are needed.  PostTrans is installed on a per user basis.

Or for Hosted or Large shared networks

2) Test the program

  1. Open Excel and you will find a new "PostTrans 200" tab.  
  2. Press the Help button on the PostTrans toolbar (see below), and select the first example sheet in the list.  
  3. Press Extract to extract some data from demo company
  4. Edit one record slightly
  5. Press Import button. 
  6. If used for the first time on the network, PostTrans will ask for you company name, please enter sensible data.
  7. You may need to press Import again if need be.
  8. The edited record will then have been updated in Sage.
  9. Press Extract again to extract data and your change should be shown, if so all works fine.

3) Evaluate, Purchase and Unlock

PostTrans will work fully with the Sage 200 Demonstration company.  When used with a live Sage company, it will ask for Credit Card details.   Your credit card will be debited every month, and subsequent renewals can be cancelled at any time.  See Sage 200 Prices

To purchase PostTrans, simply press the Setup button on the PostTrans toolbar. Then on the bottom right of this window press View your Accounts and Billing. This will take you to a page to purchase or cancel PostTrans subscriptions.

4) MS SQL Connection

Optional: If you have a need to Extract/Amend/Create Customer Contact Data see “MS SQL Connection” below

5) Shared Network Installation

If you have many users, you can create a folder on a network share and allow PostTrans to use it as a central depository for upgrades.  These are then rolled out to users when published.   See Shared Network Installation

Installation FAQ

See our FAQ section

Help and Demo

Full Product Overview: see the Sage 200 Product Demo for a complete overview on PostTrans for Sage 50.

Online Training: see the online training page for a complete training on PostTrans.

MS SQL Connection (Optional)

By connections to the MS SQL database directly, when extracting data Customer Contact & Roles data, we have a 30% increase in speed.  We use a direct READ ONLY MS SQL connection for maximum efficiency.  If access to this data is need simply open the system setup, using the [Setup] button on the PostTrans toolbar.

Then press Connect to MS SQL DB button and enter username and password of MS SQL user.  This is then retained for the whole instillation, so should only need to be done once.Installation Questions

 Video on how to install PostTrans for Sage Line 50/200

The following video shows how to install PostTrans for Sage Line 50, but Sage Line 200 is almost identical except you don't need to create separate user logins for PostTrans.

   Sage 50 and 200: How to Instal, Test and Upgrade
  0:15 Create Sage 50 Login Names
  1:22 Download & Install
  2:40 Test PostTrans
  4:00 How to upgrade



After installation you will see an extra toolbar:

PostTrans will automatically open a test spreadsheet after installation.  Please follow the instructions shown.

Use the menu on the left, of this page, for more information about specific functionality.

You should also have read the Training page for a basic understanding of PostTrans basics.