PostTrans XML API uses the Sage 200 permissions of the logged in user, thus in order to edit customer records, the user would need permission to edit customer records in Sage 200.

Example Import Data

How to Install Video

   PostTrans XML API for Sage 200 How to Install
  0:00 Prerequisites
  1:00 Download/Install
  3:30 Registration
  4:20 Company Code
  4:30 Import Data
  5:10 XML Explanation
  6:00 Import Demo File
  7:20 Buy License

1) Download Install

Simply download PostTrans for Sage 200 On Premise or Sage 200 Online Extra (Sage 200 "Standard" not supported):

Logged in as user which PostTrans XML API is going to run under.  Then run the install.  It can be installed on a local machine or on network share


2) Test the program

  1. Open Run from shortcut, or run XMLapi.exe from installed directory
  2. When first run it open system settings for you to select a Sage 200 demo company
  3. Press [OK]
  4. The program will close
  5. Restart, and next it will ask you to register.  Please either enter your details or enter previously registered account number, or e-mail and password
  6. Press [OK]
  7. It will now allow you to import into a Demo company
  8. Restart program one final time
  9. Start again, and during startup it will assign a code to each for the Sage 200 Companies the user can access.  These codes will be on the clipboard.  Paste them into notepad, or similar text editor.
  10. Next open an example XML file, found in the IN/Examples directory of installation
  11. Now edit the tag when it says <companyCode>DEMO01</companyCode>  or delete to use the default chosen in settings
  12. Save XML file
  13. Move it to the IN subdirectory
  14. If auto import is on then it will attempt to import the data in the XML file.
  15. If failed it will be moved to the IN/FailedXML directory.  If you now look at it again in notepad, you should see any error in the comment section at the top of file.  Correct any problems and resubmit to IN directory
  16. If imported, it will be moved to the IN/ImportedXML directory.  The file will now contain transaction number in comment at the top of XML file.

3) Evaluate, Purchase and Unlock

PostTrans will work fully with the Sage 200 Demonstration company.  When used with a live Sage company, it will ask for Credit Card details.   Your credit card will be debited every month, and subsequent renewals can be cancelled at any time.  See Sage 200 Prices