XML API for Sage 200 Online

PostTrans XML API for Sage 200 Standard Online

The PostTrans XML API for Sage 200 Standard Online provides an easy to understand XML interface for the Sage 200 Standard Online API.  It gives an XML interface to tried and tested PostTrans for Excel.  It is a standalone program which imports customer and transaction data into Sage 200 Standard Online automatically or at the press of a button.   Each transaction is submitted in single XML file to a designated folder, SFTP site, or to IMAPI e-mail account.

Import Types:

  • Transactions Sales/Purchase Invoices/Orders/Credit Notes/Opening Balances with Job Costing 

Customer details can be optionally imported or updated before importing Transactions.  If required, the XML API can use an external customer reference to identify the customer. This would be stored in the any of the customer record fields, and ideally indexed withing the MS SQL database.  See example

Error Handling

If the transaction fails PostTrans or Sage 200 Standard Online API validation, it is moved to a failed directory.  Wrong Stock Code, etc.   The XML files will have the reason it failed added to the top of the XML for easy user interaction.  An email is then sent to a designated user, listing the reasons it failed. 

The XML file can then be corrected and moved back to the Sage 200 Standard Online XML API import folder for submission again.  More about errors handling

The software can also be configured to send an e-mail if the software is not running for 30 mins.


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