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Single Transaction from Manual Input


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Multiple Transactions - CSV file, or data source

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Power of Excel

Power of Excel

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Sage 200 Bins
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PostTrans XML for Sage 50/200 unattended Importation

PostTrans XML for Sage 50/200 monitors a directory, or an IMAPI e-mail address, looking for formatted XML to import.  The XML can import Customers, Journals and Transactions.  See:

PostTrans XML for Sage 50

PostTrans XML for Sage 200

PostTrans for Xero, Sage 50/200 and Importation within Excel

PostTrans for Xero, Sage 50/200 is an extremely powerful Excel Extract/Import utility to save time and money.  Using its power you can reduce the time taken entering Quotes, Invoice, Orders to create quick and easy to OrderPads (demo below).   PostTrans also helps maintain Stock/Products, Bill of Materials, Prices, Projects etc through manual input, CSV file, or bulk data edits easily by extracting the data from Xero, Sage 50/200, edit and import back into Xero, Sage 50/200 using the power of PostTrans.   

PostTrans for Sage 50

PostTrans for Sage 200

PostTrans for Xero

Use the power of Excel using Excel formula, VLookups, Data Queries, Marcos or VBA to build on the exceptional power of PostTrans to delivery cost effective solutions for your business to quickly recoup on your investment.  see customer comments.

Any other questions?   Contact us with question or pickup the phone and dial 01945 464854.

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Easy To Customize

  • Full Evaluation

    Full product available for instant evaluation in demonstration company.  A subscription can be purchased using a credit card to instantly enable the software on a LIVE company.

  • Online Training

    Online training videos cover how to design your own data entry templates from the many examples included. 

  • In-Cell Searching

    Look up associated Xero values such as Products, Customers, Nominal Accounts codes with in cells for easy data entry.

  • Easy Licensing

    Simple licensing, pay per month, per user. Basic and Pro version.  Subscription can be canceled in online account.  Price for Xero Sage 50, Sage 200.

  • Easy of use

    Simple to use, with many Excel/Sage examples included, help and on-line training to help you get up and running fast.

  • Cost effective

    Utilising the power of Excel - Use formula, macros, or VBA code to create stunning Order entry templates, telesales entry, or sheets to give customers to place Sage orders for submission.  Not just another import utility!


If its that good, show me... Quick Order Pad


   1/2 Quick Sales Order Pad using PostTrans in 30 seconds
  0:00 Video Introduction
  1:10 Taking an order in 30 seconds
  2:08 Rewind for a slower explanation of process
  4:00 Adding another product to Order Pad
  6:50 Posting the Sales Order into Sage 50
  8:00 How to find more information and Training
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Customer Comments

Our customers say great things about PostTrans

Customised Order Entry - We have used PostTrans as our primary data-entry system for over 5 years. It is reliable and fast; allowing our team to process orders through our own customised Excel interface straight into Sage, I developed with additional functionality not available within our core accounts system.

Alex - Krome Ltd

Price Updates - We use PostTrans to update our price matrix in Excel. We simply extract the existing customer special price data, amend using excel formula, and post back into our Sage system, saving many hours, and reducing mistakes.

Toni - Tri Star Packaging


Sales Order Pad with Back to Back Purchase Order - We have a whole order entry system written using the power of Excel and PostTrans. We simple pop the customer details in an order pad, then take credit card payment, and then press a button to import a sales order for our services, followed by a purchase order to a specific supplier, very quickly.

Ben - AMA Waste Management

Monthly Payments - We use PostTrans to post our monthly Pension Payments, to those on our Pension scheme. It makes life so easy, simply managing all payments in one spread sheet, then every month simply posting the payments into our accounts system for processing, as purchase invoices against suppliers.

Laurence - Caterpillar Pensions


Management of Bill Of Materials - We use PostTrans to manage our complex bill of materials in Excel and push changes to Sage. Being able to extract, amend and then re-import into our accounts system, saves us load of time.

John - PHL Manufacturing

Initial System Setup - PostTrans was invaluable when first setting up our accounts system. It was far easier to use than traditional CSV importers, as it warns of any data which is being truncated, and removes hidden characters, and highlights errors as it imports. They can quickly be edit and the process can carry on from where it left off… Top Marks…

Tim - Salvesens