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Tags for Receipt Transactions (Module: Extras)

The following tags can be used to import a Sage 200 Sales Receipt and allocate to matching Invoice .

See Online Training for Transaction based templates for a full explanation of tags, and how PostTrans reads them to define the Extract/Import template.

Tag Name

Data Type


Important Fields:


Text Req

Returns `POSTED` if Trans line has been posted and will be ignored if `POSTED` (required). Also reports errors/warnings in data row

Posting Settings:


Text Req, HeadOnly

Filter by Currency and allocate to Bank Account for currency. e.g. List of Currency Code, Bank Account No like ‘GBP,1,EUR,2,USD,3’


Text 60 Req, HeadOnly

Match by x when looking for invoice to allocate too in field TLMatch
        In Cell Searching values:Match BY
                  MANUAL, Manual Allocation or URN
                  VALUE, Account Oldest Matching Value
                  REF, Reference
                  REF2, Reference2
                  USER, User defined
                  REFACC, Reference and Account Code
                  REF2ACC, Reference2 and Account Code
                  USERACC, User defined and Account Code


Integer Req, HeadOnly

Match Tolerance
        In Cell Searching values:Tolerance
                  1, Exact
                  2, Exact and Anything less


Text 60 Req, HeadOnly

If USER is selected then this cell defines the user defined field name, in table SLPostedCustomerTran, to match on

Receipts Lines:


Text 8 Req

Set Referance of Receipt. Repeat Ref or 'X' to continue allocation to one recipt


Text 60 EOF Req

Use this value to search for matching Invoice, allocate payment to this matched invoice


Currency Req

Payment Amount, zeros are ignored

Sales Receipt Fields:


Text 30

Set Referance2 on Sales Receipt


Text 60

Details. If not specified will be `Sales Receipts`



Tax Code. Make sure the format of the cell is “General” else search may not work properly
    In Cell Searching values in table Tax


Text 8

Optional, depending on match settings
    In Cell Searching values in table Cust



Date paid, blank defaults to today


Text 12 Pro

Project Code
    In Cell Searching values in table ProjectCode

Ready Only Tags:


Double Read

When used in Manual Mode, will be populated with Outstanding amount on Extract


Date Read

Date of invoice


Date Read

When used in Manual Mode, will be populated with Due Date on Extract


Text 20 Read



Text 3 Read

Currency Number


Text 20 Read



Text 60 Read

Transaction Type Invoice/Credit Note

Header:Before Posting:


Text 60 HeadOnly

If contains value, then this text is displayed, and import cannot take place until this text if clear. Thus you can your own formula, macro or VBA code to stop import until a certain condition.
Validating Transaction before posting


Text 60 HeadOnly

If contains value, then this text is displayed. Asks Yes/No to continue
Validating Transaction before posting

Header - After Posting:


Text 60 HeadOnly Pro

After posting this sheet, switch to work book with this name, and post that. Allows back to back purchase orders, or multiple company transfers. PRO
Posting multiple sheets


Text 60 HeadOnly Pro

After posting this sheet, switch to work book with this name PRO
Posting multiple sheets

Header - After Save:


Text 60 HeadOnly Read Pro

If THAftSavePATH and THAftSaveFilename specified, will save as PATH + ‘\YYYMM\’ + Filename + "_0000.xls". YYYMM can be overridden with value in THSaveSubDirectory cell.
more about saving


Text 60 HeadOnly Read Pro

more about saving


Text 60 HeadOnly Read Pro

See THAftSavePATH. Example ‘ABAP01’ will save as ABAP01_0001.xls.
more about saving

Import File:


Text 500 HeadOnly

Full PATH and Filename of the file just imported using the Import button. This is required if you set the directory to move file after posting transaction.
File Import instructions


Text 500 HeadOnly

Filename of the file just imported using the Import button
File Import instructions

Req = Field is required    EOF = End of file, Stop when no more values    

Head  A header tag can be used in header section, before row 30, of the transaction template.  Or in the rows data of data, below row 30, of the template like a traditional CSV importer.

With data type Yes/No fields, if cell starts with 'y' or 'Y' is taken as TRUE

Where ^ denotes a In Cell Code Search, delete ^ at end of tag, to turn off code search

All Text fields are trimmed (spaces before) by default. Add ' to the end of the tag name to stop this.