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Posting into multiple Sage 50/200 Companies - Inter-Company Transfer

PostTrans is very powerful when posting into multiple Sage 50/200 companies, which can be used to create Inter-Company Transfer easily. Pro

In the example below we post Sales Order and Purchase Orders into separate companies in one operation.  The following PostTrans transaction types aid inter company stock transfers, by by passing the Order Process system:


Sage Version




Purchase Invoice + Stock Adjustment IN for the stock at cost price specified



Sales Invoice + Stock Adjustment OUT for the stock at Unit Price specified

See also Sync Multiple Sage 50 Companies

This article assumes you have an understanding of PostTrans, see online training

Demonstration Video

The video shows how to use PostTrans for Sage 50/200, to import create an Inter-Company Transfer between two Sage 50 or 200 companies. First we post a Sales Invoice, and a Purchase invoice to the two Sage 50 companies. Then move on to post a Nominal Journal, all from within one spreadsheet sheet.

In our third example, we post a Sales Order into one Sage 50 company, followed by a Purchase Order into a second company, from two sheets chained together.

We also have a third example included with PostTrans, which posts a Sales Invoice into one company, and a Purchase Invoice into a second company, plus adjusts the stock in to match the imported PI.   We call this type so transactional a “PIA” (Purchase Invoice + Adjust IN)

    Sage 50/200 Inter-Company Transfer within Excel
  0:00 Intro
  0:50 Posting SI/PI to 2 companies (Example 1)
  5:00 Prove the data has been imported into Sage 50
  6:40 Posting 2 Nominal Journals to 2 companies
  7:30 Posting SO/PO into 2 companies using 2 sheets (Example 2)

To use the template, with Sage 50, install PostTrans. Download
Trial with Sage demo company. Purchase a month subscription for Live Sage Company. Price
Watch the On-line Training course on how to use and customise the templates.

To use the template, with Sage 200, install PostTrans. Download
Trial with Sage demo company. Purchase a month subscription for Live Sage Company. Price
Watch the On-line Training course on how to use and customise the templates.

Selecting Sage 50/200 Company

When PostTrans first needs to connect to Sage 50/200 it will ask for the Sage 50 company to work with.  This can be changed by pressing Setup button, on the toolbar, and Change button:


PostTrans allocates a six letter code to each Sage Company.  This code is used to switch companies during the posting of transactions.

Pressing Change will display these codes:



Example: Press Help, on the PostTrans toolbar, then select example “Posting into Multiple Sage Line 50 companies” which is the example discussed below.

Posting into Multiple Sage 50 companies

PostTrans can import simple, single transaction per sheet, or multiple transaction like contained in a CSV style format.

Thus we have two different ways of importing into multiple companies:

  1. Select different companies in data columns - Add the tag THBefSWCompany  to row 28 to specify the company code in a list of transactions below line 30
  2. Enter Transaction and post opposite in different company - Create a sheet to post data into company A, using tag THBefSWCompany in the header to specify company six letter code.  Then after that has been posted, switch to another sheet (using tag THAftProcessSheet), and post into company B, and then C,D,and F or more if need be.   We call that “Chain Posting”.

Example 1 – Multiple Companies posted on one sheet

In this example we have moved the tags to define the Company (Column B), Account code and transaction type in to the lines of data.


This example is probably best suited to data which has been imported from file.  How to import from CSV file.

Example 2 – Chain Posting

In the example below the user enters the Sales side in “Company A” sheet, utilising In-Cell Searching to lookup stock codes and associated data. The user only interacts with this sheet. When Import is pressed PostTrans imports this into “Company A”. 

Sheet “Company B” this then automatically posted into “Company B” by PostTrans (Chain posting). This sheet simply contains references to the data in sheet “Company A”, but has the transaction type for the purchase in cell C4.   Demonstrated in video above at 7.25


How we create this

Simply open a blank Excel spread sheet and press Import button, on PostTrans toolbar.  PostTrans will then offer you all of the import tags to create a new PostTrans template.  Double click on the PostTrans tag Sage50Trans. We will then see, with some data filled in:

Rename the sheet to “Company A”


We can now add tag THBefSWCompany into cell C7, and tag THAftProcessSheet in cell C8, by using the PostTrans Tag button, and double clicking on tag under the ‘Heading’ tab.

To define the company to post the transaction into, we simply enter space in the cell defined as THBefSWCompany, and we will see a list of company to select from.

To post into another company, right click on the sheet tab and copy it, and call it “Company B”


On the this second sheet, delete the comment in cell C8, which PostTrans uses to identify the purpose of the cell in the header.


The define it as tag THAftSwitchSheet.

Enter “Company A” text in cell C7.  This is used to switch to sheet “Company B” after posting the Transaction in sheet “Company A”   The second sheet “Company B” may use formula to reference the contents for the first sheet PostTrans has just posted, and thus inter company transactions are possible.


This example is probably best suited to data which has been imported from manual input.

Tags of interest

The following PostTrans tags allow the above functionality:

Tag Name

Data Type




This will cause PostTrans to change company before posting if different from current Sage Line 50 Company. Thus can be user to post transactions into different companies, thus intercompany transactions are possible. It uses a 6 letter company code, which found by pressing the Select Company button in system setup.



After posting this sheet, switch to work book with this name, and post that. Allows back to back purchase orders, or multiple company transfers. Pro



After posting this sheet, switch to work book with this name Pro

With data type Yes/No fields, if cell starts with 'y' or 'Y' is taken as TRUE

Where ^ denotes a lookup field (Popup search), delete ^ at end of tag, to turn off lookup searchWhere ^ denotes a Code Search field (Popup search window), delete ^ at end of tag, to turn off code search

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