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Training on Static Data

Sage 50 : Import Department Record

To extract Department data simply press Extract button, on the PostTrans Toolbar, this will allow you to extract Department data from Sage 50.  You can also add filtering criteria in row 2.   

Amending Department Data

Having extracted data, the user can now simply edit the  Sage Department data in Microsoft Excel, before re-importing it back to Sage 50.   Note only changed records will be updated in Sage.

Importing Department Data

Simply add new lines to the spreadsheet from row 4 on-wards.  Then press Import button, on the PostTrans Toolbar, to import new Sage Department records. 


The customer data can be extracted, using the Extract button, and optionally filtered.  see How to filter Sage 50 extracted data.

In Cell Search

The user can search for Nominal, Price List, Department codes by entering the start of the code. Or any part of name, see Code Search for more information.

Demonstration Video

To be recorded

The video shows how to easily Extract, Amend, and import Sage line 50 Department data

Department Extract/Amend/Import Template

This PostTrans function allows the user to easily extract, amend, and import Sage 50 Department data.

The cell A1 has a tag “Sage50dep” to designate the type of import.  It uses a series of tags, placed in row 1, to identify the data to be processed.  

These tags, listed in table below, can be easily added to a spreadsheet using the Tags button.  See Training for an explanation of this.

Department Required fields

To Import/Extract/Amend SageLine 50 Department Data, the following Tags/Fields must be specified:

Sage50dep, DsErrorDesc, DsCode, DsName

Cell A1 must equal Sage50dep

DsCode is used to detect end of spreadsheet.  PostTrans will stop Importing/Amending, from row 4 on-wards, when this field is empty.




Tags for Department Records

The following PostTrans tags can be used to extract/import Department Records into Sage 50 .

See Online Training for Static templates for a full explanation of tags, and how PostTrans reads them to define the Extract/Import template.

Tag Name

Data Type


Important Fields:


Text Req

Returns `POSTED` if Trans line has been posted and will be ignored if `POSTED` (required). Also reports errors/warnings in data row


Text Req

Contains CRC number to help PostTrans detect changes in current row.


Text 8 EOF Req

Department Code


Text 50 Req

Department Name

Req = Field is required    EOF = End of file, Stop when no more values    

With data type Yes/No fields, if cell starts with 'y' or 'Y' is taken as TRUE

Where ^ denotes a In Cell Code Search, delete ^ at end of tag, to turn off code search

All Text fields are trimmed (spaces before) by default. Add ' to the end of the tag name to stop this.